I have been a Personal Trainer for the last 12 years


 I'll get you in shape

B fit - Whether your goal is to simply walk to the shop without being out of breath or running a marathon, I'm here to help you get fit. We can do this using H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training), cardio machines (in local gym) or outdoors walking and/ or running. 
B lean - Whether your goal is to lose weight or tone up, we can achieve this together through weight training, body weight workout and healthy eating.
B motivated - I'm here to support, encourage and make you enjoy the session. I always mix up my sessions and make them fun for you.
B mentally strong - With my experience of challenging myself with the Triple Peaks in 24 hours and Cycling from London to Paris, I can help pass that on to you. If you are not strong mentally and don't have that belief you will not achieve your goals. 
B healthy - I will regularly monitor your health using my body stat test, measurement and fitness testing. (Doing this is optional).